Staff of SLSB 2015

The Sierra Leone Standards Bureau was created by the Standards Act No. 2 of 1996 (National Provisional Ruling Council Decree, Repeal and Amendment Act No. 3 of 1996) came into force on the 18th December, 1996. The SLSB is also the custodian of the Weight and Measures Act No. 5 of 2010. These legislations mandate the SLSB to undertake:

  • To promote standardization in trade, commerce and industry.
  • To undertake investigations and educational work in standardization.
  • To establish and assist industries and other sectors of the economy in the implementation of practical application of standards.
  • To strengthen the metrological framework and provide national traceability of measurements to the international system of units (SI).
  • To ensure the protection of the health and safety of the society and the environment in the community.
  • To maintain and disseminate international system of measurement (SI Units).
  • To promote the use of standardization mark (Quality mark) and product certification.