1. To raise the level of accuracy in accuracy in laboratory measurements and analysis to ensure reliability, consistency and traceability of resulting data according to the relevant international standards.
  2. To establish credibility at national and international levels by improving testing capabilities of the laboratory, use of appropriate test methods participating in proficiency testing programmes.
  3. To earn the confidence and satisfaction of customers availing laboratory testing services and this simultaneously increases the number of potential customers and subsequently, the earnings.
  4. To improve through appropriate training, the professional skills and expertise of the employees engaged in testing activities, improve the working environment through systematic planning, development and provision of adequate resources.
  5. To strive for continual improvement in the quality management system according to the requirement of ISO 17025: 2005 International Standard.



  1. The Quality Manager and the Technical Managers are responsible for compilation of the quality manuals and the technical manual respectively.
  2. The Quality Manual is finally approved by and issued on the authority of the Executive Director of the Sierra Leone Standards Bureau.
  3. Copies of the Quality Manual are issued to the Executive Director, the Quality Manager, the Technical Manager and the Accrediting body.
  4. The copies issued to the Technical Managers are kept in the laboratory for the use of the staff.
  5. The Quality Manager holds a copy of the quality manual on behalf of the Accrediting Body. He is responsible for keeping this copy up to date and for sending it to the Accrediting Body whenever requested.
  6. The Quality Manager holds a record of all copies of the laboratory Quality Manuals issued and of all current holders.
  7. It is the responsibility of all the laboratory staff to be familiar with the contents of the Quality Manual, policies and procedures established for specific objectives for which they have responsibility to contribute.
  8. The Executive Director of the Sierra Leone Standards Bureau is committed to the achievement of the Quality Policy. The Quality Manager has the overall responsibility for the day-to-day implementation, monitoring and control of all aspects of quality. The Technical Managers are responsible for implementing the quality standards during technical operations of the laboratory.
  9. The quality management system of laboratories would be maintained unaltered when the development activities and the expansion of the Sierra Leone Standards Bureau is planned and implemented.