By Solomon Rogers PRO SLSB

In a swift response to a letter of complaint from the AfriGas Sierra Leone Limited to the the Petroleum Regulatory Agency, copied to the Sierra Leone Standards Bureau, a team of staff including: Abdul Fullah, Nathaniel Fobbay and Solomon Rogers PRO SLSB, accompanied by Police Inspector Edward Cole went on the spot visit to the illegal filling site of cooking gas in Kingstom Freetown. The team discovered a makeshift structure in an isolated location adjacent the Kingtom Cemetery where a handful of youths were engaged in an unauthorised filling of cooking gas from AfriGas and NP Cylinders to other under measured cannisters . The man behind the deal Sulaiman Bah confessed that he has never registered a cooking gas business but only created a pilot project for his boys as a means of survival. The team was perplexed to know that no safety measures such as : fire extinguisher, personal protection equipment were in place to safeguard lives and property. However, the team wasted no time in inviting the figure head Sulaiman Bah to Sierra Leone Standards Bureau Headquarters in Freetown for further investigation.

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The Sierra Leone Standards Bureau was created by the Standards Act No. 2 of 1996.


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