The Standards Department was created in 2004 based on the Standards Act No. 2 of 1996. This department provides for the Standardization of commodities and products, and to effectively promote quality management practices in its standards development.


The Sierre Leone Standards Bureau develops and promulgate standards for all sectors of the economy these standards are produced by a process of consensus between stakeholders in an open and transparent manner. Standards are used by the govt, private sectors and consumers in procurement, trade, production, manufacturing and provision of services.

The development of the Sierra Leone standards is initiated by stakeholders. These stakeholders are mainly: 1) regulators and the govt. sectors, 2) Industries, 3) consumers and non-govt. organisations 4) Professional bodies and associations  5) Research and technical bodies. 6) educational institutions.

Standards are developed through technical committees and their sub-committees they are made up of representatives of the relevant stakeholders in a particular subject area or industry sectors.

The steps involved in the development of Sierra Leone standards are as follows:

  1. Request from stakeholders to develop a particular standard.
  2. Approval  of the request by the national standard council.
  3. Request referred to the relevant technical committee.
  4. Preparation of working draft standard.
  5. Discussion and deliberation of the working draft standard by the technical committee.
  6. Circulation for comments of the draft standards amongst stakeholders (public comments stage).
  7. Collation of comments for the consideration of comments by the technical committee.
  8. Editing and publishing of documents of the standards.
  9. Gazetting of the standards through the office of the Ministry of Justice and Attorney General.