Welcome to the Sierra Leone Standards Bureau (SLSB) Testing Division. The Testing Division is an integral component of the conformity assessment system of the SLSB. The SLSB Testing Division is designed to constitute:

  1. Testing Laboratories
  2. Research and Development Program (R & D Program)
  3. Equipment Service Program (ES Program)

At the SLSB we are proud to offer testing services that meet requirements of international standards to satisfy our customers’ needs. Our testing laboratories are equipped with modern technology and staffed by competent personnel who are dedicated to delivering accurate and reliable results.

The Division is currently headed by the Testing Manager who directs the functions and related activities of the testing laboratories, and he is assisted by Technical Supervisors designated to provide immediate and direct supervision of other technical staffs of the laboratories regarding assigned roles and responsibilities.


The Testing Division undertakes tests and analysis on various products for the purpose of quality evaluation (determination of fitness for purpose) and certification. The division serves a large clientele base ranging from individuals, industry (producers/manufacturers), importers, exporters, institutions, Government agencies, etc. the Testing Division also undertakes training for interested individuals, institutions, and organizations in the areas of testing, analysis and laboratory management systems.

With respect to customer requests and turn-around-time of service delivery, the Testing Division offers three main categories of services:

  1. Regular/normal service delivery of within 14 work days
  2. Urgent service delivery of within 10 work days
  3. Express service delivery of within 6 work days


  1. i) The microbiology testing services are only offered in regular/normal service delivery (i.e. within 14 work days).
  2. ii) Urgent service delivery attracts twice (2 X) the charges for regular/normal service delivery, and Express service delivery attracts thrice (3 X) the charges for regular/normal service delivery.   

iii) The service charges are either based per sample or per test parameter (depending on the laboratory involved). Charges are available on the SLSB Service Charges List.


The products tested in our laboratories come from a wide range of clientele base. Food and non-food product samples are received and tested in the various laboratories as per client requests and the available laboratory capacity.

At the moment, the food products could be farm produce, locally produced food products for local consumption or export, and imported food products. The non-food products could be petroleum products (liquid petroleum fuels) and related products (base oil lubricants i.e. synthetic and mineral oils).  


With years of experience in the industry, the SLSB’s strategic plan is to ensure our laboratories specialise in a wide range of testing areas including but not limited to the following:

  1. Chemical Analysis – where our laboratory experts utilizes advanced analytical techniques to assess the composition and properties of various substances.
  2. Microbiological Testing – where our laboratory experts employ stringent protocols to detect and identify microorganisms, ensuring the safety and quality of products.
  3. Environmental Testing – where our laboratory experts conduct comprehensive environmental testing to assess the impact of pollutants and ensure compliance with regulatory standards.
  4. Material Testing – where our laboratories offer a wide range of material testing services including mechanical, thermal, and electrical testing, to evaluate the performance and quality of materials.
  5. Product Certification – where our laboratories provide product certification services, helping businesses meet industry standards and regulations.   


Currently, there are three (5) Departments and four (4) operational testing laboratories in the Testing Division which undertake various tests and analyses on a wide range of products.

The Departments currently established in the Testing Division are

  1. Food Chemistry Department,
  2. Microbiology Department, and  
  3. Materials Science Department  
  4. Engineering
  5. Equipment Service

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