The Inspection Department provides Inspection Services to Manufacturing and Service Industries, Regulatory Bodies to ensure consumer protection under the following objectives:

  • To give assurance of safety and quality of locally manufactured, imported and exported products.
  • To improve the level of compliance with both national and international standards
  • To improve the level of compliance with regulations on imported and exported products
  • To support the certification of locally manufactured products through inspection
  • To enhance the skills of staff for effective and efficient performance
  • To gain and maintain accreditation to ISO 17020:2012 (Conformity assessment- Requirements for the operation of various types of bodies performing inspection)

The above objectives are realized through the following key activities

  • Import inspection of High Risk Goods (i.e. on imported goods)
  • Inspection of Local Factories for Certification purposes
  • Inspection of Fish and Fishery Products for local consumption and Export
  • Consignment Inspection of manufactured goods and Issuance of Export Certificates
  • Issuance of Health Certificates
  • Market Surveillance
  • Staff training and participation in national and international workshops

These activities are performed through the three Technical Departments within the Directorate, namely

  • Product Inspection Department
  • Import Inspection Department


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